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Hi my name is Tina Willis and I’m a car accident attorney based in orlando florida although, I accept cases throughout Florida and Georgia where I’m also licensed I just want to let everyone know quickly things that you should do immediately after an accident.

If you or someone that was in your party or in your vehicle is capable of doing so then I would encourage you to take photographs of both vehicles or any and all vehicles involved in the accident and also get all driver information which includes their vehicle registration and insurance information you also might get the accident report or be able to get the accident report from the police officer you also should contact the police and let them know that an accident happened but the most important thing to do after an accident as soon as possible preferably from the scene is to go get medical treatment preferably from the emergency room.

If you, if at all possible go to the emergency room just go to the emergency room do not even think about calling your doctor definitely do not think about calling your doctor if there’s going to be more than a 24-hour delay and you’re getting in to see your doctor second to the emergency room, I would suggest a walk-in clinic but again my preference would be emergency room if not a walk-in clinic and as soon as possible after the accident. I cannot overstate the importance of going to see a doctor right away so that means, if you were to pick up your phone and call your regular doctor and your regular doctor says, I you know I can get you in 10 days from now or six days from now or even three days from now that is not as good as going to a walk in clinic right away and the reason is that juries and therefore insurance companies when evaluated possible settlements think that you were probably more seriously injured if you went to get treatment right away and it’s not always true but that’s just the perception and so it’s very important that you go right away.

The next thing would be to contact me because I will talk to you for free about my evaluation and assessment of your case and oftentimes insurance companies will tell you that you don’t need to get an attorney involved because the injuries aren’t serious enough and then later the injuries become more serious and you’re out of luck because you didn’t contact an attorney earlier attorneys can help you the most when you contact them at the earliest time that involves preservation of evidence and also walking you through exactly what you should do step by step we’re working with your medical providers all of these things are critical to the valuation of your claim so I hope that you will contact me and I can tell you more about the things to do to maximize the value of your claim thanks so much.