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Understanding about why you should need truck accident lawyers in Houston Texas for your truck accident case actually the very first thing we look at is your medical care it is essential that you get good medical care and we make sure to get you to the proper doctors for instance,you have a back or neck problem we make sure to get you to either an orthopedic specialist or a neurosurgeon specialist and these will be board certified physicians, you have to make sure and get the proper medical care you want that and we want that for you we assess the case from a national perspective that is just.

Because a truck accident happens in Texas doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be filed in Texas we call this venue selection and the choice of venue is a crucial choice for you one of the factors and this is not a factor to pick a lawyer. I want to make this clear but one of the factors that our law firm does is and this in Texas law permits this in Texas. We know that if you’re seriously hurt you’re not going to be able to go to work and you’re going to be off work and you’re going to be concerned, am I going to lose my house, am I going to lose my car or my kids, going to eat we are keenly aware of this problem.


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If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault don’t get taken advantage of the insurance company won’t tell you but there’s one important fact you need to know they will try to pay you as little as they possibly can the truth is insurance companies care more about their profit margins and they do about your pain and suffering making you a victim yet again that’s why you need an experienced aggressive attorney on your side an attorney who won’t settle with their.

First offer for crumbs who will show the insurance company they mean business and if necessary go all the way to a jury trial which is something insurance companies really hate to do why because, if your case goes to a jury and the jury sees how badly injured hurt and in pain you really are the insurance company knows their risk goes up going into negotiations with an experienced aggressive personal injury attorney. Who will fight tooth and nail for you is the only way to beat them at their own game and get the biggest amount possible for all the trauma stress and pain that you’ve been through the moral of this story is simple don’t be a victim twice.

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Each year 600 Texans are killed in 10,000 more are injured in trucking collisions after a truck and crash quick action is required the trucking companies have legal teams ready to act after a crash occurs they immediately send experts to the crash site photographing and measuring the roadway and interviewing the witnesses,  so if you or a loved one is injured or killed in a trucking collision quick action is required letters requiring preservation of evidence should be sent immediately to the trucking company and to its insurers your lawyer should retain experts to perform computerized mapping of the crash site and to download the electronic control module of the 18-wheeler and then after that a qualified trucking liability expert should be retained to address the federal safety regulations that are critical to handling a truck crash claim.