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Personal Injury Solicitors London – Personal Injury Lawyers in London

Personal Injury Lawyers in London

Personal Injury Solicitors London – Personal Injury Lawyers in London

If you have had an accident and believe you could be entitled to compensation and we can help you as one of the leading personal injury solicitors in London we have years of experience in helping people make injury claims.

I’m bill breath wait I’ve been a QC for over 20 years and I specialize in compensation claims involving really serious brain or spine injury and I want to help you if I can to find a good solicitor because between us you and I what we have to do is make sure that we get a solicitor and the solicitor is entirely different from a QC we get a solicitor who is highly specialist in your type of case and that means.
I’m afraid that we need between us to make sure not just they talk the talk and many people do but that they really doknow about these very serious claims now.
I can help you do that I know lots of solicitors I’ve seen hundreds in my time over 20 years as a QC and some are very very good and they’re the ones we want to find and what I’d like to do is try to help you find them so if you feel you’d like to just give me a ring is all free because, I’m passionate about what I do and between us we can find somebody to do the day-to-day work in your claim and I can do the more specialist strategy tactic discussion from an early stage.

The Personal Injury Claims Process in The UK Explained

How to make a personal injury claim we’ve put together this interactive chart view so you can see the steps involved should you need to make a personal injury claim the first step isb to have a free consultation with your lawyer following this your lawyer will send a formal letter to the person responsible for your injury as well as arrange for you to have an independent medical report from here there are two possible outcomes if the defendant accepts responsibility for your injury you will receive an offer of compensation which you can accept and settle the case or you can negotiate for a higher amount if the case settles.
You will receive compensation if the case is lost there is nothing to pay no-win no-fee means exactly that so the defend did not accept responsibility once they’ve been contacted by your lawyer the process of negotiation begins with your lawyer working on your behalf if the case is lost after this negotiation again there is nothing for you to pay and the case is closed if the case settles in your favor you will receive a compensation your lawyer has fought for.